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By Jon S

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  1. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    I wear a Titleist glove, size Large Regular.

    Would you suggest more wraps? How many wraps would you suggest for grips?

  2. Mark J

    Mark J
    Charlotte, NC

    grips and grip size is a 100% personal preference in my opinion.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    My preference opinion - with a med large, I use a standard grip, but my grip can be a little cranky on cooler mornings. I had gone to 4 wraps on the lower end for that reason, but M4+ grips solved that. Winn now has a less tapered grip now as well. Bubba has an insane # of wraps that would work only for him. if your finger tips don't meet your palm while holding the club (and you haven't started getting arthritic) you're probably ok.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Me I purchase the GolfPride MCC+4 Midsize with two wraps, just feel right in my old hands......agree with Mark, grips are a personal have to find something that feels good to your particular holding a baby bird in you hand......oops, in your fingers......have always been a fan of GolfPride based on performance and longevity......keep them clean and they will do the job.......
  5. JESUS D

    Dripping Springs, TX

    I use 2 wraps under my grips. with a medium golf glove. I also suggest trying the plus 4s from Golf Pride, amazing grips.
  6. Samuel  C

    Samuel C
    Phoenix, AZ

    As someone else mentioned, grips are completely personal. You can see at most golf shops that they have something that you can place your hands on to give you a recommendation on what you could use.

    If you wear a large glove, I would suggest looking into a mid-size grip and maybe a couple of extra wraps underneath. But going from standard to mid-size is a nice jump for you, if you have a bigger hand. Or get grips that the MCC Plus4 that are larger in the lower hand.

    But remember Bubba Watson - Aside from his putter, which has eight wraps of tape under the grip, all of Watson’s clubs have that unique 12 and 10 wrap build up except his lob wedge—it has 13 wraps under the bottom half and 11 under the top.

    I'm not very tall and my glove size is a small, but I use standard grip plus one wrap. Most fitters tell me that I should be undersize grips, but I have just gotten so used to it, that this is how I grip my clubs.

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