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By Albert D

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  1. Albert D

    Albert D
    Henderson, NV

    I am looking to order a new set of custom clubs. I am 73 and even though I hit a 7 iron 150 carry with a 65 gram graphite shaft, I would like a little more distance and keep the control I have. Everything I have hit lately at shops or at demo days have felt very heavy. I even tried ladies clubs which felt much better.

    I have some questions and would like some guidance. I am looking at T200 irons but would like swing weights closer to the ladies irons rather than the D2 Men's swing weights. I would also like and do not know if Titleist offers Graphite shafts in the new clubs at 50 to 60 gram weights? I play 4 to 5 days a week and have the opportunity to play more.

    Am I wrong in thinking that with the lighter weight clubs and the stronger light weight shafts, I can gain a few miles per hour and still control the ball. I hit a slight draw with a mid-high trajectory.

    If there is a fallacy in my thinking, please let me know.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    You can order any shaft from the Titleist matrix and specify the Swing Weight. Try to find a full Titleist fitter to work with you, either a Titleist Thursday or one listed as a fitter near you under "Fitting" on this website. Since D2 is standard you want a Titleist specialist to work with you on fitting you at a lighter swing weight.

    In the matrix are the stock shafts in the 50 g and under for the T-400. I have the 50 g in R (there is an S) in the T400, and that combo gained close to 20 yards over the 90 g R flex NS 95Pro in the AP3. The T400 7 iron "has a 5 iron loft but launches like a 7 iron". I now can tag a 7 iron to 150 yards, previously 135 was a stretch. So, yes, there are products engineered to increase ball speed w/o decreasing launch angle. Presumably my T400 is D2, but with the 48 g GP MC4+ grips instead of the 24 g light weight grips, I may be under D2.

    Titleist will then inform the fitter if they can't meet the specified swing weight. Increasing the weight of or in the grip may be needed.
  3. Albert D

    Albert D
    Henderson, NV

    Don, I appreciate the information. I know the nearest fitting location and the Titleist rep near me so I will be discussing this with both of them.

    Thanks again.
  4. At 73 a 150 yard 7 iron is still above average distance compared to guys half your age. Work with a fitter and try different heads and shafts. The T400's will be longer, you may or may not like the lighter swingweight, remember swingweight and dead weight are different. You can lighten the swingweight by adding weight to the grip end and create a counterbalanced club, or you may prefer to feel all of the weight in the head and go with light shafts and light grips.
  5. Albert D

    Albert D
    Henderson, NV


    Thank you for the input. I will discuss everything with the fitter. I also plan to hit all of the T series irons with multiple shafts.
  6. Albert D

    Albert D
    Henderson, NV

    I went to a club fitter this morning and spent quite a bit of time with him. I found a shaft and sent a note to customer service to see if I can get it in the T200 Irons. The benefit I got from this fitter is that he did the fitting in side and then I got to go outside on the course and play 9 holes from 150 yards in with the final two shafts that I liked the most. If I can get the ventus shaft in my irons I will. It was the most consistent indoors and out on the course. I hit all 5 greens I swung with that shaft in the head. The other shaft I hit 2 greens and missed 2. Not far off but the ventus seemed a little firmer at the bottom of the shaft and I was able to hit it where I was looking,

    With the woods, I chose a shaft after a few swings with it.

    What I learned today was that with the right shaft and a good fitter, I actually gained a few yards and the spin on the ball changed dramatically between shafts. The numbers were very telling. Once I get my answer from Customer service, my order will be in same day.

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