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By Keith N

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  1. Currently have a gap between my TS-3 3 wood and my AP2 4-iron that I am looking to fill. Currently have a TS-3 5 wood in between but it's leaving a whole lot of space between it and the 4-iron. Thinking maybe a 3-iron or a U510 4 iron would work? Thoughts?

  2. Jake N

    Jake N
    Phoenix, AZ

    Was in the same boat and filled it with a 19 degree hybrid. It looks like the TS2 and TS3 offer a 19 and 21 degree hybrid with custom loft options.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    How much gap do you have from 4 iron to 3W? If you dial the 18 to 19.5, is that a good enough split? Otherwise your choice would be a driving iron or hybrid around 21-22 degrees. The risk with a 3 iron can be that you can't consistently get 10-15 yards over the 4 iron. Many pro bags don't carry a standard 3 iron anymore.
  4. I have a similar set up, ts3 5wd carry is 240, t100 4 iron carry is 210. However i prefer to backload my set with more wedges and can take a little off on the 5wd or set up for a high cut that will carry 225. It isn't a yardage i find myself needing much and at that distance anything on the green is a successful shot. I get more use out of the scoring clubs and bag 4 Vokey's.

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