I may have a new favorite club

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By Derek C

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  1. Derek C

    Derek C
    Northern KY

    I took my new TS2 5w out on course for the first time today (Saturday). All I can say is wow! I’ve always favored my 7 or 8 iron as being my favorite sticks in the bag but I think they got moved down a peg. I was amazed at how easy it was to hit. The flight of the ball was incredible.

    I don’t ever remember being a big fan of a 5w over the years. That has now changed. Over the last year, I’ve updated everything in my bag. AP1s, Vokey wedges and TS2 driver, 3w & 5w. Of course the one club that let me down today was my putter and that’s the one club I haven’t replaced yet. Fingers crossed for a Scotty in the near future!

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