Getting hold of a 716 AP1 3 iron

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By Ulf S

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  1. Hi there!

    First, thank you for making these lovely products.

    I started playing golf around two years ago. I purchased a demo set of 716 AP1 irons 4-P. I play left handed. Reading the specs, I notice The 716 AP1 lineup also has a 3 iron. Would it be possible to get hold of such an iron somehow? I don't fancy hybrids.

    Best regards from Sweden!

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Adding in LH means the probability of finding a 3 iron will be greatly diminished. The product line went off market 3 years ago. The AP1 line was less likely to be sold as a set with a 3 iron than the AP2 line. Most golfers that benefit from the AP1/T-300 tend to not get enough distance from a 4 iron to keep a 3 iron. The chances that a set with one that someone hasn't already sold a 3 iron they couldn't hit is fairly well past. Not that it won't be possible, but the probability is low. Checking e-Bay in the US, there were no 3 irons or sets with 3 irons for any series of AP1.

    I used a 7W, but even the last LH 7W from Titleist was a 915. Your other options include a 5W set to 19.5 degrees, a TMB or a U series driving iron. Or a T-400 5 iron (loft = 20 degrees)

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