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By DDziuban

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  1. DDziuban

    Louisville , KY

    Looking for feedback from those who have tried both. I carry an 816 H2 hybrid and 5-GW Ap3's. I opted for the hybrid over a 4 iron at the time of purchase. I am unhappy with the hybrid (it's likely the Indian and not the arrow, I know), but my inability to hit it as I want has gotten me to the point I don't pull it out of the bag. Considering a u510 to replace it.

    Who's tried both and has some pros/cons on the two?

    I am consistent with long irons and probably made a mistake with the hybrid, but have not hit one of the utility irons yet.


  2. THuhn

    Saint Johns MI

    I have a TS2 hybrid 19 degree and the U500 4 iron 23 degree; both with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft. I really like them both. The TS2 inspires a bit more confidence visually when standing over it. It also allows for some customization with the SureFit hosel.

    The big difference for me is the TS2 is easier to hit out of the rough and the U500 is easier to hit off the tee. They are about equal from the fairway.

    I carry the TS2 to 217 and the U500 to 205 for comparison.

    Good luck
  3. I have the same setup as this, TS2 19 degree and U500 4 iron. I love the 4 iron and I am so much more confident with it and as a result they go about the same distance. I will keep both though as they give me different options like you mention - I wouldnt dare hit my U500 4 iron out of thicker rough where the ball is sat down a little, whereas the hybrid will pop it out nicely.

    I love the U500 so much I am considering dropping my TS3 3 wood and replacing it with a U500 2 Iron.
  4. Scott S

    Scott S

    I have used both. I am currently using the U510, but previously used the 818H1 and the 913H and 909H before that. I find the ball flights fairly similar. As THuhn mentions, the hybrids are generally easier to hit out of rough. What I like about the U510 is that I don't need to think as much about ball position as I do with a hybrid, yet it yields similar results in terms of ball flight.
  5. I really like the U510 driving iron, but I would also recommend the ts2 hybrid.
    I used to struggle hitting hybrids for some reason, but I absolutely crush the ts2 hybrid!
  6. jgun71

    Mattawan, MI

    I carry both. A TS2 19* and a U510 at 22* replacing the 3 and 4 irons in my T-100S setup. The former is a 225 club where the latter is around 210-215 for me. Both are incredibly easy to hit provided you don’t overswing. I tend to get a higher/softer flight with the hybrid and it is better as a rescue club out of the rough, but the addition of these 2 clubs has been transformational to my game on the long par 3’s where I traditionally didn’t have a club in the bag!

    Hope this helps. Long and strait!
  7. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Years ago when I was a better player, long irons were what I had the most confidence in. I carried both a 1 and 2 iron for years, along with a 16.5 fairway. When hybrids came out, It took me a while to make the switch. I had 2 older model Titleist hybrids (before the 909), a 17 degree and a 21. I currently have the 818H2 21 degree, and use it from the tee, fairway and rough. Absolutely love it!The 1 iron (an old png Eye 2 BeCu) is hanging on a wall in my garage.

    If you're reluctant to pull hybrid out of the bag, I think you've already talked yourself into the utility iron.
  8. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    You can't go wrong with either, they are cannons! I prefer the U510 because I like the iron look better than a hybrid. I will say the ball speed and forgiveness from the U510 rival any hybrid out there.
  9. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    The first thing that I would do is to get properly fitted. When I bought the 816 H1, I was considering getting the H2, but after getting custom fitted, the H1 hybrid suited my swing and game style.

    Where would you be hitting it more often? If I am hitting from the tee or fairway, I prefer my hybrid, however, if I am hitting from the rough then the utility iron would be an option.

    If I were you, I would get fitted for the right club rather than wasting time and money in the long run.
  10. I have had a hybrid in the bag for the last 10 years. Used to play a 2 iron instead and switched to hybrid when I stopped playing as much. I have never liked the way hyrbids look. I hit it well most of the time but sometimes its a little inconsistent. I have been experimenting with the U500 and U510 3 iron. I like the U500 a little better. It has a slightly heavier shaft which may be making the difference. Its a solid club off the turf and teed up.

    I am going to get fit for T200s in the next 2 weeks, getting a 4 iron through GW. I will get a U 500 or 510 2 or 3 iron depending on the gap between my 4 iron and 3 wood.
  11. I currently restructured my bag to the following: after my 9.5* TS3 driver, I went from a 3 wood to a 17* 4 wood. I carry the driver about 300-305, and the 4 wood around 255-265. The 3 wood was really redundant for me. From there, I think I’m going to go with the U500 in the 20* loft as it makes the most sense. Then I use a 22* hybrid. I really don’t think you can go wrong with either the hybrids or the U500/510. You could always do both like I am, and go with a stronger lofted driving iron and then a “follow-up” hybrid that’s closely gapped. Best of luck!
  12. I just swapped my bag around-

    I tried the u500 and my god that thing sounds terrible. Didn't have any u510 for me to try in left handed of course.

    I game a 917d3 and then 818h2 @ 18* w/ tour ad-di 85x shaft and that thing GOES, I don't even carry a 3 wood anymore. Swapped the 3 wood out for my old R9 TP 3 iron which is a beast off the tee and fits the gap between hybrid and 4 iron better.

  13. Never been a fan of hybrids but when I went to get fitted for my T100’s I kept an open mind on what I should get to fill that gap. The new TS3 hybrid felt great but I always find I tend to get a lot more spin and my misses are just way worse. Ended up getting the U500 4 iron and U510 2 iron and I’m in love with them. They do take some time to get used to as they are not the most forgiving clubs but if you’re looking for a hybrid replacement I’d suggest the U510. Just having that chunky head (which looks like a hybrid) and a graphite shaft gives you a ton of confidence over the ball and if you’re consistent with your long irons I think you’ll love this club. Ball just explodes off the sweet spot and cuts through rough like butter.
  14. Just been to National Fitting Centre and was looking to fill gap between my 4 iron and 3 wood. I took a 19* 910 hybrid out about 18 months ago, finally, after it's been just making up the numbers in the bag. Never pulled it as was worried it would just go off the planet left. Was thinking utility iron was going to be the way to go but shows the value of a good fitting, ts2 hybrid with heavy evenflow shaft had me hitting arrows with no signs of going left. Being someone who plays a CB/MB combo set I was convinced the U500 was going to be my thing but the ts2 was just so easy to hit and just couldn't find any consistency with the utilities. Just what worked for me
  15. stuart c

    stuart c
    portland, OR

    I played 818 21 and then TS2 21, both were fine but from the first time I got a chance to hit the 4 U510 it immediately went in the bag. BEST club I own. I go from TS2 5 wood to the U510, if I could have hit the 2 or 3 higher I might have replaced the 5 wood as well. I recommend the 510 to everyone I play with
  16. William S

    William S

    I posted this on another thread and it seemed appropriate here as well. I had previously demo'd the U500 but liked the feel, distance, and accuracy of the U510 much better.

    My Titleist fitter recommended I avoid a hybrid (due to a high hook) and go for the U510 3 iron. I bought the 3I a few months ago and it replaced my T200 4I. I then replaced my 3 wood with the U510 1I. I picked up a U510 4I to replace my T200 5I. I couldn't find the 2I locally so I ordered and received it from the PGA Superstore in Palm Desert, CA (near Palm Springs). The 2I was obviously to fill the gap between the 1 and 3. I've never hit any 5 or 3 woods as well as I hit the U510 irons. I hit the 1I really well (pipeline straight or slight draw) and it would have chased the driver out of my bag but a golf bag just doesn't look right without a driver! On Saturday, 17 Oct 2020, an older guy (70s) who was sitting in the shade of a tree stopped me as I was leaving after finishing a practice session. He asked what iron I was just hitting. I held up one finger and said, "that was my 1 iron". He said he had stopped his session to watch me hit and then asked how I could hit the ball that high that went that far. I said, "that was the Titleist U510 16 degree 1 iron. It has extra tungsten weighting in the sole to allow for higher flights and I simply move the ball forward in my stance to increase the loft but still get the distance I need." Sounds like a commercial but it's true!
  17. For me the u500. I demoed both the u500 and the u510 but the u500 suited me better.

    I did something similar with my previous iron set and ended up buying a hybrid instead of a 3 iron. My pfeference is for irons

  18. Under the Roof

    Under the Roof
    Mequon, WI

    I took an both 18 and 21 degree hybrids out of the bag as I couldn’t hit anything but a draw or on bad shots a hook with them.

    I replaced the two hybrids w/ 18 deg TS2 and 20 deg weakened to 21degs U500.
    - The 18 deg TS2 goes really high and carries -230-235 for me.
    - The U500 is far more versatile than the hybrid and carries 215+ for me; plus can hit it low and cut it if I want.

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