T100s/T200 combo set......initial report

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By Scott C.

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  1. Scott C.

    Scott C.
    Irvine, CA

    After waiting about 8 weeks, I finally got my new clubs; T100s (P-6) / T200 (5-4). All are True Temper Dynamic Gold S300. My first combo set ever.

    I was in 718 AP2 (KBS C-Taper), was fitted into T200 (2019). Had a chance to get fitted for the 2021 versions in July (thanks Titleist). I was apprehensive about going from the AP2's to the first version of the T200. The feel never really was quite right and was inconsistent with them. I fully expected the fitter at TPI (Joey!) to fit me into the new T200 irons. But when it was all said and done we couldn't argue with the numbers that I was putting up during the fitting with the T100s. Tighter dispersion, better descent angle, and maybe 3-5 longer. But the feel was right on, solid hits were like butter, no clicky feeling for me. The new technology in the T200 for the long irons was noticeable as well.

    After the shipping delays....a hugh shout out to my local rep and the Titleist customer service team for keeping me in the loop on the delays. I had to keep them in the box for a week or so due to work. First impression was wow, these things look really good.

    I've had a chance to hit them at the range and with a few 9-hole after work outings. I've been more impressed with the results on the course. These 'are or look' a little less offset than than my old T200 and frankly look great at address. So far I've been able to get back to hitting a nice fade vs worrying about a hook. More confidence to go at a pin on the right side with the fade. Distance is about 1/2 to 1/4 club greater than before on straight shots. Almost forgotten what is like to hit the long hook! Maybe the lie angle adjustment and the change in the shaft from the Project LZ 6? Feel is just prefect for me.

    Even better are the results with the T200 5 and 4 iron. I've hit some really great shots with both. Last night I used the 4 off the tee and was in the 215-230 range depending on where I hit the fairway. Carried a few bunker I would not have carried previously using the same club. I might have a slight gapping issue between the 6 iron and the 5 iron, but nothing that can't be solved with out an adjustment.

    Overall, just really quite happy with the change. Moreover, just super excited to be part of the Titleist family. Throughout this whole process people like Allan, Joey, our local rep, the customer service team have just been truly awesome. It's folks like them that make Titleist one of the best golf companies to deal with!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the links!

  2. Military
    Love the combo set, mine are T200 4-6, T100s 7-AW. Perfect blend.
  3. Mitch B

    Mitch B
    Huntsville, Alabama

    The combo set is really nice. Great to hear you like them, congrats!
  4. I haven't been fit yet for the new irons but my hope is that when I do this winter that I'm fit into a combo set as well. I'm always looking for the best performance and so if I'm not right for a combo set I'll go with whatever works best but just really like the idea of the extra forgiveness in the long irons

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