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By William S

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  1. William S

    William S


    I know there was a thread regarding driver flex and snap hooks but unfortunately I cannot search the forums to read all the replies. That being said, does anyone know how the flex of a driver shaft tip affects the path/trajectory of the ball? I want to increase my swing speed (I'm currently at about 60% speed-not measured but felt-to keep the ball straight) so I'm opting for an extra stiff flex shaft. The shaft tip is a stiff flex. Will decreased "kick" allow for a faster swing while at the same time retaining accuracy? I'm currently in control with a stiff flex but want more distance. Thoughts?

  2. Thomas K

    Thomas K
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    I don't read much about torque in shafts anymore. Fifty years ago, when the first graphite shafts were coming out, the torque on the early shafts was over 8 degrees. That compares to steel with 1 or 2 degrees. You might find torque to be more important to your swing than overall stiffness. Modern graphite shafts have torque readings all over the place.
  3. General rule - driver swing speed in the "consistent" range of 105-120mph will result in an extra stiff flex. From there the ball flight will dictate what features of the shaft will benefit you. Torque is easily thought of as the "forgiveness" of the shaft on a mis-hit. If a shaft is firm in the tip vs the middle vs the handle can help ball flight. Ventus Velacore is popular on tour due to its firmer tip - controls flight and fights the hooks. There is more to a shaft than just flex, a fitter will be able to guide you into the best set up for you.
  4. William S

    William S

    Thanks! Extra stiff shaft eliminated my snap hooks on faster swings!

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