Club Cleaning Method and Frequency?

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By BBriley

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  1. BBriley

    Palm Coast, FL

    How often is everyone cleaning their clubs and how?

    I am playing or practicing 3-4 times a week and clean my grooves between rounds and shots as needed with a tee or brush, but only deep clean once a month. I use dawn dish soap and a club brush for the heads and dawn and water for the grips.

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  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I use a damp microfiber cloth rinsed in warm water with just a small amount of liquid soap. For ball, clubs, and grips. So long as the head or grip is not immersed in water, just about any cleaning method works.
    I do use a damp cloth on course and will use a brush on grooves if too much mud gets caked on.
  3. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    You'll never catch me pulling a dirty club out of my bag. I keep a wet towel and both a soft brush and light wire brush next to my bag when playing. I might be a bit anal about it, but I don't like seeing even the slightest bit of dirt in my grooves. I even went into freak-out mode recently after driving 90 miles to a course only to find I forgot my towel (found an old one in the locker room).
    When I get home from playing or practicing they always get a final wipe down before putting them away. Sometimes a little WD 40 or an eraser to clean the smudges, or a little car wax to polish up a bit. Never soak them in water.
    My only issue is storage. My wife still thinks the dining room is not a place to keep my clubs when not playing.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I cringe when I see wedges so dirty that the groves are barely visible. Let alone dating back 10 years ago or more. So I guess in some ways those of us that only tee a clean ball with no cart path damaged dimples and all club faces cleaned may be anal. On the other hand, those folks’s next ball is the last one they found. Just a different level of commitment to the game.
    At home, the one sacred spot to not park the clubs is the bedroom. Easy enough, I tend to leave the clubs on the same level they come into the house. For some domestic tranquility I do try to move the clubs to the basement if we expect company.
  5. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    I have a similar routine. We have cleaning stations on our ranges so the heads are cleaned after every session before they go back in the bag. I carry a wet towel when playing so they are cleaned after every shot. The grips get a cleaning at home about every month.
  6. DennisB

    New Lowell, ON

    I too am anal about my clubs being clean. Before, during, and after a round I am always cleaning/polishing them. Seriously my wife thinks I’m crazy the time I put into cleaning the clubs.
  7. Fred L

    Fred L

    I will clean my clubs after each shot to get the dirt/grass off. When I finish I may if needed clean all again with soap and water before they get stowed away.
  8. DK

    Northeast PA

    My clubs are my babies. The are wiped down with micro fiber and water after every round. Putter treated the same. Everything is like new condition because of this treatment. Love the clubs and they'll love you back.

    Most of the time...
  9. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Damp cloth works best. T series brush works well on the grooves.
  10. EddietheKarp


    Wipe clean after every shot and clean grips every two weeks or so depending on the practice routine and the sweat level. I like to hot the grips with some Castile soap and a stiff bristle nylon brush
  11. Kyle T

    Kyle T

    After every range session/round, I clean my clubs with warm water and soft brush and then wipe with microfiber towel. Something about cleaning your clubs so therapeutic.
  12. Tony G

    Tony G
    Louisville, KY

    I clean my clubs after each round or practice session using dish soap, soft bristle brush for the grooves and cloth for the remainder. I use the bristle brush and soap and water also on my grips, especially when it's hot out and my hands sweat. It really renews the tackiness of my grips and helps them last longer.
  13. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith
    Charlotte, NC

    I clean my clubs with a bucket of water and a stiff nylon brush each time I play. I wash the grips with soap and water, occasionally.
  14. Jeff C

    Jeff C
    Grundy Center, IA

    I would agree with Berry & Dennis, I clean after every shot. When I have my own cart is super easy, however other courses I did the wet towel thing. I did just buy the Club Scrub Pro for my Mexico trip this winter and it works great
  15. Drew D

    Drew D

    I keep a couple of damp towels on the cart and wipe the club heads and faces after each shot. Then post round or range session, deep clean. Warm water, soap, soft bristle brush and a magic eraser. I wipe my Scotty Cameron down after each round with the pre-oiled cloth it came with. I also clean my golf shoes after each round or range session.

    I was always taught, from a young age to take care of my things and they’ll take care of me
  16. I clean my clubs after every round with warm soapy water and clean the shafts with some gt85 on a rag
  17. John W

    John W
    Lansing, MI

    Water and a soft brush after each round. During rounds I use the same brush, but tend to do it before using it the next time as opposed to after each shot. I hate standing their doing that after a shot, feels like slowing up play.

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