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By fmatute

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  1. First post...went ahead and converted to Titleist after playing multiple brands. I can't believe I waited so long!

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  2. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    Congrats ,welcome and enjoy.
  3. Hands down the best overall brand
  4. Dino J

    Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

    Congratulations! I made the switch a few years back ... after playing Vokey wedges for several years and then just started "migrating" to Titleist.
  5. Enjoy the start to new level of playability!
  6. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Welcome & enjoy your clubs and to lower scores
  7. Congrats!! Made the switch to all Titleist this summer and never looked back. They give me all the confidence I need knowing I can pull off any shot. That's why they're #1. Hope you hit them well!
  8. Wevome to the club,enjoy
  9. It all started when my wife surprised with SC Golf 5 for Christmas. A year later bought my first Titleist driver, then AP1’s, up next was Vokey wedges, now ALL of my equipment in Titleist. Lowered my handicap index 3 and 1/2 strokes in 2 seasons.
  10. Brian Brat

    Brian Brat
    Ashland, MA

    Congrats on the change!! Your wallet may not appreciate it?

    I changed over from another brand in early August, all my gear.... clubs, balls, gloves, accessories, and hats (15 of them) and I am waiting for the new bags to come out as well.

    My wife asked if I bought stock in Titleist? :)
  11. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Life is about choices and looks like you the right choice that fits your game. Titleist makes a quality product. Congrats and welcome to Team Titleist.
  12. Not only are the clubs and other gear terrific, there is something about the Titleist community that is special. You don’t see guys who play the other brands approaching people at the course to discuss what’s in the bag and rave about it. I play with other guys who play other brands...and they remark how people will approach me just to discuss the clubs in my bag and to share their passion for the same clubs in their bags.

    Welcome to the Titleist “family”
  13. Corey T

    Corey T

    I made the switch from TM and I haven't regretted the move not one bit....I love my Titleist equipment (full bag)!!!

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