Titleist or Scotty Cameron Adhesive Patches?

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By William C

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  1. William C
    Irvine, CA

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    Wondering if Titleist would ever consider putting out some fun little adhesive patches for their loyalists? I know my son has gotten some at some junior tournaments from cally but would much prefer some from Titleist.

    I think Scotty might have lots of fun little icons/logos/images that would fit but would love to see the TeamTitleist, Titleist or Cameron brands do something similar.

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Frequent activity and a full profile can result in surprise presents in your mailbox. Besides the TT bag tag, there are Titleist and Vokey stickers that have been known to appear. I purchased license covers "I'd rather be driving a Titleist" but would like to see those as stickers resurrected.
  3. Dennis H
    Spring Valley, WI

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    I'd sure appreciate some of the stickers and such, myself. I build cabinets to store my golf stuff (clubs, shoes, balls and hats). The last one I built was done in white/green unlike the other 3 that are done in a hand rubbed polyurethane. Those would go well to help decorate the outside.

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