5 Stars for the 2018 Players 5 Stand Bag!

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By jaymay82

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  1. jaymay82
    Honolulu, HI

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    Retiring my 2015 Titleist Staff Stand bag for the all new 2018 Players 5 Stand bag. I am really impressed with the thought and engineering behind this bag. The straps are 1000 times better than the older version. So comfortable! Oh, and thank you Titleist for making the base on this stand bag able to FREELY SELF STAND VERTICALLY UPRIGHT! So excited to start this year with new gear! Keep up the great work Titleist!

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    So happy to hear the positive feedback, Jay! Your setup is looking sharp and I spy that Team Titleist bag tag.

    Team Titleist Staff
  3. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Great looking bag!
  4. P_Lamps
    Hoboken, NJ

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    Are the 2018 bags available in retailers yet? I am deciding between the stadry players 4 or stadry 4up bags and really confused which one to get? Any recommendations?
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    Very sharp! Congrats on the upgrade.
  6. Richard H
    Joplin, MO

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    I bought the 2017 model right before the new year and I love it. In particular, I love that I can completely remove the strap which really simplifies things when using my push cart or riding. The newer bags are absolutely top-notch. Much better than some of the other bags I've seen in our pro shop that are priced the same or even higher.
  7. rowell q
    santa clarita, CA

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    I have a 2017 14 way cart bag and would love to have a stand bag instead but my local retailer will not exchange it out for me. :(

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