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By sean b

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    In need of a new bag and I am already pretty sure of what I will get.

    The question I have for the team is what kind of bag to you game.....4, 5 or 14?

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Sean, I have two, a 4UP StaDry (black and red) and a Players 4 in black. I walk and carry a lot of the time so i prefer the smaller, lighter bags.
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    Like Dale, I primarily walk and carry - I have a Players 4 and love it.
  4. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    I have 3 Titleist bags. The Mid Staff Bag, that I love, and use on a remote electric push cart when I walk. The Staff Stand Bag that I take when I travel, works great whether walking or on a cart. And the 4up carry bag, that I use when I walk. Leave it in my trunk also for when I forget to charge the battery on the electric push cart. Wouldn't want to carry that Mid Staff Bag unless I was getting paid to. All great bags. Grab whichever suits what you do the most....walk, ride, etc.
  5. JBigda

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    I primarily ride and had the 2017 staff bag but hated that it wasn’t 14. For some reason I love knowing each club has its own slot. I had to switch out of the staff bag which was sad. I wish Titleist offered a 14 option in the staff bag.
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    I have the mid staff bag which is great if using on a cart, has lots of room and easily accessible, I would like to get the staff carry bag next for travel or walk days. All great quality
  7. Chris M
    78260, TX

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    I am also looking for a new bag. I am torn between the Players 4 and the 4up bag. I like to walk a lot.

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