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By Chris B

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  1. Chris B

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    Hopefully everyone has a cool golf Buddie like I do there nothing like play a good round with a good friend

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  2. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Think we all do. Have the ones that I meet up with during the year from Team Titleist and the FJ community (FootJoy Ambassadors). I also play in a men's league on Mon/Wed/Friday. We are made up of mainly retired guys in our 60s/70s/80s and even some elders in their 90s. We play a modified stapleford points game and have a hole in one competition pot. Normally we will have 8-10 fours show up each day. Once a month we have a hamburger day and at Christmas we have a holiday party a a local yacht club to elect our new board of directors. Our annual membership is $5.00 to belong and $5.00 to play each round, excluding greens fees. And fun is had by all. We normally have our own groups we play with within the competition. We are known as, The Little Rascal II.
  3. Rob_Roth1
    Titusville, NJ

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    Yup I had one as well and we went and played many courses together. Heck we won a member guest together but sadly he passed away on Super Bowl Sunday in his sleep. He was my golf partner, travel buddy and best friend and surly be missed. He was a pro v1 loyalist and my next batch of Pro V1's will have has his initials on it.

    Rich Smullen RIP

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  4. No'l
    Palmdale, CA

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    Chris B. You've got a real cool golf bud there in your picture if you ask me and I also like that buddy of yours in a Titleist Aussie!! Has he been on a course with you!? I could see how much fun that would be. I'm not sure... I don't know of any courses around me that would allow a dog on the course, but I sure would like to keep one. I've been convincing my wife for us to have a pup- still a work in progress.
    Lafayette, LA

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    Wish my dog would not eat my golf balls...
  6. John M
    Clayton, CA

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    My son in laws are my best golf buddies. Check out The Dewsweepers by James Dodson

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