Push Cart (4 wheel) for Titleist Players 14 Standbag

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By Josh G

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  1. Recently picked up a Titleist Players 14 standbag. I've been using an older Bag Boy Quad for a good amount of years now and come to find out, the Players 14 doesnt properly fit. The Quad's pivoting top arms can't grab the bag (bags too wide) and it doesnt sit properly on the lower support (too wide, bag sides rub on wheels).

    Looking at the Clicgear Model 8 or one of the Sun Mountain 4 wheelers. Not much is available locally to try out which makes this a little difficult.

    Anyone have any feedback on the Players 14 standbag with a 4 wheel push cart?

  2. To be honest, I don't think a stand bag will fit properly on any push cart.

  3. Quintin H

    Quintin H
    Morehead, KY

    I don't have a problem with my stand bag on a sun mountain 3 wheeler, and a cart bag with a little larger top.

    The cart I'm interested in, a 4 wheeler, holds the bag upright


    Looks like an adjustable string/rope/tie probably stretchy on both bottom and top.

    Now about your bag, Titleist 14 standbag, I like the idea that there is a standbag with the top big enough that it can't fit in a push cart.

    Sometimes I do carry, usually when just playing 9 holes, a larger top would be nice.
  4. Just an update - I ended up taking a chance and went with the Clicgear Model 8 and last years Players 14 stand bag DOES fit. Tuck the cart's "wings" underneath the bag's arms and it fits like a glove. No movement. Good combo overall.

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