Titleist Players 14 Stand Bag Beverage pocket

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By MShanks

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  1. Hi Please can you confirm that the latest Titleist Players 14 Stand Bag comes with a Beverage pocket?

    Many thanks Mark

  2. Yes it dose. It is hard to see in pictures but it is there.
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I'm sure its like the one on my Players 4 bag. Moved from the front of the small side pocket to the back of the small pocket. I preferred the old location but at least its still there.
  4. Mark,

    It does. I have the latest Staff Stand bag and it has a dedicated beverage pocket. It's slick. Deeper than normal so the whole beverage container goes down in the rubbery lined pocket and stays cool. It doesn't have a fastener on the pocket but like all pockets on this bag it's a smaller-ish opening. In the summer I drop ice right down in the pocket and let the beverage ride on top. Don't forget to stick your towel down there after the round, else when you lift the bag to place it in your trunk, you'll dump the melted ice all over your stupid self. (Happened to a friend, I swear it wasn't me...)

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