How would you build your bag?

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By Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Hey Team Titleist - 

    The gear team works hard to design for dedicated golfers and develop new products with insights from Tour players and amateurs. Recently, they approached us with an interesting question and we wanted to pose it to all of you! 

    If there are other options you'd want to customize that aren't in the poll, share them with us below!

    All the best,

    Team Titleist Staff

  2. I voted for pockets. It's nice to have exterior pockets for a water bottle, cell phone, and a portable speaker...if that's the sort of thing that could be customized with regard to pockets.
  3. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    I would LOVE the ability to flip the pockets and shoulder straps to make it more convenient/usable for us LEFTIES. A left-handed 14 way stand bag would be dream Titleist purchase actually. This is a product that has been missing from your lineup forever. Please think of us southpaws, Thank you!!!
  4. Awesome idea, didn't think of that!
  5. I agree with David A. "the ability to flip the pockets and shoulder straps to make it more convenient/usable for us LEFTIES. A left-handed 14 way stand bag would be ideal..." I'm constantly fumbling around, digging through the pockets looking for my stuff.
  6. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    One thing I would like to see on the Mid-Staff (I have a 2017 version) is more protection from cart straps and chafing against the back of the cart basket (riding, not push type) in general. Mine got pretty beaten up, rather quickly. I started adding towels for protection and not over-tightening the straps, but the damage still continues to get worse whenever I don't get it all covered. Some places are difficult to keep covered without lots of extra effort.

    Also, I chose the option "Pockets" mainly because the 2 thin and shallow side pockets near the top on each side of the bag are pretty limiting. I put my keys in one side and extra score cards and pencils in the other. Not much else fits in there, nor is it easy to get your hand into them to retrieve smaller items. I would like to see much more functional pockets in those two locations, or at least, specify what those pockets were designed for in the first place, because I can't figure anything that is made to fit in there other than maybe a pitch mark repair tool or some tees.

  7. Peter L

    Peter L
    Steubenville, OH

    To me, one of the most annoying things you deal with on the course is clubs getting tangled together from pulling and returning your club. Maybe make the full length dividers stronger with carbon fiber or something that wouldn’t add too much weight but still have strength.
  8. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Pockets...I picked up a Players 5 bag recently and although it has enough pockets they aren't designed all that well. The ball pocket on the back is way to big and the waterproof side pocket along with the other two side pockets should be just a little bigger. I do like the fact that all the side pockets have straight zippers though, instead of curved ones.
  9. I voted materials. It would be nice to custom design a bag with the colors of your school, organization, etc.
  10. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    I went with none because I saw the Players 4UP STADRY™ Stand Bag that I really want to pick up and I would change nothing.
  11. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    I marked Top Divider, because it would be n ice to have options there, but also because just like Peter L said, the full length dividers could be done much better. It seems like they are only attached at the top and bottom and that doesn't work except when brand new. Once broken in, they make it worse than not having them as the club get tangled within them. They should be attached on all sides for the full length with strong and light material.
  12. JAM


    I'm a righty, but, I like to switch from right shoulder to left shoulder. David A makes a very valid point. Titleist may want to consider offering righty and lefty models.
  13. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    I voted for Top Divider, keep clubs organized. If there was one more thing it would be the look of the bag. I like to see a bag where the pockets are integral to the bag, streamlined, and not just "stitched on the side". The external of the bag should not have humps sticking out. The bag should be a "work of art".
  14. Roy McAVOY

    Roy McAVOY
    Oswego, NY

    Top: like to keep all my clubs separated, also need the putter well big enough to fit my super stroke fatso 5.0. Also a great feature would be a big enough cooler compartment to hold a few drinks & ice pack.
  15. ScottyC50

    Painesville, Ohio, USA

    I would love the ability to totally customize the entire bag on the web - like a pair of Footjoy MyJoys or swoosh ID. Imagine the interesting combos you could have if you could customize all facets and colors of the bag. Of course it would be a bit more expensive, but imagine the social media possibilities or forums like this one. People would be proud to show off their custom Titleist bag! Let's make it happen!
  16. My favorite carry bags in the past have had 2 large openings with 2 smaller openings in the middle. That pattern was the most effective for me.


    Pockets ,pockets, pockets can't have to many.. hitemstraight
  18. I picked top dividers. We are all particular about how we organize are clubs and even differ on what clubs we carry. It would be cool to have a separate slot for putter on carry bag or be able to customize the size of the dividers (smaller one for just wedges, etc). I have 2 Titleist carry bag, 4 up stadry & players 5. My only complaint would be the legs hang down when carrying the bag. I would like to see an improved leg mechanism. Love the fact that it's internal now.
  19. So I myself voted "None" as honestly, I like all the choices.

    #1 To be able to choose your divider would appeal to soo many golfers. How many times have we fallen in love with a bag, bought I and then struggled with the divider until the day you replace it?

    #2 custom straps OR the ability to move and put them where you want? Left? right? sideways or however you want to carry your bag, how awesome would that be!

    #3 Pockets, we all want the storage, but hate carrying all the weight or end up with too much junk in our bags that it becomes a ritual every winter to spend a day cleaning it out. But the ability to perhaps move pockets from side to side or top to bottom would be phenomenal AND or, be given a lot of pockets and have the ability to remove some if you don't need would be smashing!!
    Thanks Titleist for listening to us, its greatly appreciated!
  20. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    Portland, ME

    Separate pockets for an umbrella and a ball retriever.
  21. vurich

    First Tee Box

    I'd like to see a golf bag that has effortless single slots that allow each club to be put in and taken out without effort and without trying to stuff the sausage. I'd love each and every bag to have waterproof and dirt proof material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and not get dirty. The biggest problem I have with my bags are the fading of colors in the hot sun. The reds become pink. The blacks become copper. The bags need to hold up to the elements of heat, rain, etc. A designated putter slot wide enough to fit fatso grips is extremely important. The zippers need to be heavy duty and hold up to constant use. The bag needs to be as light weight as possible. The pouches should be constructed and labeled accordingly. "Balls pouch." "Personal items." "Tees, ball markers" "Divot tool." "First aid." "suntan lotion" "water" The straps should be thick, comfortable and made of memory foam type materials. Handles should be on the top and sides to pick up the bag and place it in the cart and then back in the car. Brighter neon colors should be available. TeamTitleist Logo bags should be standard along with first and last names. Titleist needs a TeamTitleist store with all the great products for consumers to purchase. Also, a water proof, rain hood with each and every bag. That's all I can think of at the top of my head. Thanks! #TeamTitleist
  22. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I voted materials based upon the bag is out in the weather while practicing or playing in all temps, rain etc etc. I would like to know the bag will hold up under going in and out, storage pockets won't rip or fray out. I have yet to experience that with my Titleist bag & don't want to with the next one because someone decided a cheaper material will be lighter and easier to use in designing & assembly. I would also like the ability to coordinate different colors to make the bag unique if I wanted to.
  23. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Pockets. Always nice to have plenty of pockets for your every need. Pocket not necessary for cell phones, because it is not good golf etiquette to have them on the course during play. Do you come to play golf or talk on the phone.
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