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By Capt Sanman

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  1. Capt Sanman

    Capt Sanman
    Miami, FL

    does anybody know if the ball panel can be removed for a custom embroidery? I know some bags the zipper goes all around for removal? I'm looking at getting an MLB logo on the bag

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  2. I just ordered a Staff Stand bag through my club and they gave me option to have it customized, although it was only my name and not a logo for something that intricate it might have to be done by a 3rd party.
  3. I own the Mid staff bag and yes the pocket is removable to be sent out for embroidery.
  4. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    My Staff Stand Bag is a couple years old, but it didn't have the panel removable, I had it custom embroidered from the factory though.
  5. Zangetsu


    I do own a Staff stand bag of 2017, ( walking to the car at the moment to check if it can be removed).. It looks like it can be removed, did not try it because I also wreck zippers and don't want to my bag . However it seems like there is a starting point for the zipper to come off and back on. So yeah.
    Talking about the 2017/2018 staff stand bag here to clarify.
    Amazing bag! Just love it.

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