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By Kevin G

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  1. Kevin G

    Kevin G
    Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

    Do you know if or when we'd be able to get the Tour Aussie hats here in the UK. Searched the web without success. They do not appear in the gear listing here, but if I log into the Australian site they exist. Having recently been diagnosed with skin cancer and advised to wear a full brim hat instead of a cap, these would seem to be a great solution.

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  2. DClark


    I would like to get one as well.
    Come on Titleist Uk start selling them.
  3. JEFF R

    JEFF R
    Canton, GA

    Not the "tour" version but Titleist Aussie Hats are available from major us retailers online: TGW, Dick's Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, etc. I bought one last year- very nice on those oppressive summer days. Very lightweight and breathable.
  4. JAM


    I am a skin cancer patient and this new Titleist Tour Aussie hat is outstanding. They made a few improvements this year and it makes all the difference. I would recommend continuing to use sun screen due to the sun rising and lowering throughout the day which exposes sections of your face. I also wear long sleeves and long pants!
  5. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Saw one at an event this weekend. A very well constructed hat and the fabric is awesome. The band stretches nicely for additional comfort. Any Titleist account in the US should be able to order them. Amazon has them. Perfect hat for sun protection.
  6. G. Ray

    G. Ray
    Saint Charles, MO

    I just bought one in gray from www.tgw.com

  7. Kevin G

    Kevin G
    Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

    Thanks for your comments guys.
    Unfortunately I can get a link to www.tgw.com in the UK.
    Probably wait till I travel abroad later this year and see what I can find.
    For now Decathlon do some good hats at very good prices, but would be nice to display the Titelist loyalty around the golf course.
    Hopefully the UK will get up to speed and we'll be able to get them hear.

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