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By TWong

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  1. Fitted and purchased new Titleist 718 AP1, People say its too chunky but for normal irons its pretty nice looking and not too chunky, for a Titleist its chunkier and looks SOOO AMAZING from the back to front it looks much classier which Titleist represents. For any one who wants a beautifully crafted iron and forgiving great feeling club. I seriously recommend getting fitted for these clubs. Absolutely amazing around the course with strong lofted irons I am extremely supprised of the height i get even for strong lofted irons, because of the tungsten weight. I have allowed many of my golfing mates which are both expreinced and new to the game use these clubs, and both are thinking of getting them too. TOTALLY WORTH the money and no matter what level of game you play, you'll seriously appreciate the looks of this club, classy and forgiving.

  2. Jeremy L

    Jeremy L
    Many, LA

    I really enjoy my 718 AP1's also. They do not look like super game improvement clubs and are great clubs for most of us average golfers. I am a 10.4 handicap and look to lower it even more this year and these irons will be the ones to help me do it.
  3. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    Congratulations on your new set. You won't regret making this choice on you irons.
    Hope you are set on you hybrids and driver.
  4. Tom J

    Tom J
    Vernon Hills, IL

    Couldn't agree more! The 718 AP1's are the best looking game improvement irons on the market. Best of all: they work!! Enjoy yours.
  5. Steven P

    Steven P
    Orlando, Florida

    I got my AP1 718s custom fit last fall and I totally agree. From the feel, length, balance, forgiveness, and of course look, they are everything I could have hoped for and much more. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed mine!
  6. I love my ap1. The only irons that have taken me away from miz irons. I’m around a 3 handicap. Leave the ego at the door and buy clubs that are easy to hit and you will play better golf. Pretty simple!!!
  7. I too am new to the AP1's and just purchased a set (5-W) and love them. Was using an older set of Cleveland irons for years and can not believe the improvement these have brought to my game. I agree with TWONG about height with these, and the distance, even calculating in the stronger lofts, is superb. Stephen P says it perfectly....."feel, length, balance, forgiveness and of course look".
    Titelist nailed these. Love em.

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