913 D Shaft in 915D Head

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By Vancliff J

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  1. Vancliff J

    Vancliff J
    Green Cove Springs, FL

    Wii the 913 D shaft fit the 915D Head"

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Yes. Driver adapters are the same for 910 - 917 series drivers.
  3. Yes they will. I recently purchased a used 915f fairway wood and tested the shaft it came with against the shaft out of my 913f. I ended up using the shaft from my 913f with the 915f head.
  4. Zangetsu


    Yes they will, got an Aldilla phantom 43.75 shaft from my pro's 913D2 and am currently using it in my 915 D2. They use the exact same surefite hosel from 910-917. Also tried switching out my 917F2 shaft for the Driver shaft, however this does not fit :P

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