Players 4 bag Vs 4up

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By rbfnlysn

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  1. rbfnlysn
    Scotland UK

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    Was wondering if anyone has had any hands on experience of the players 4 and 4 up bags?

    Looking for something lighter than my current png hoofe, any recommendations welcome


  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    I have both. The 4UP is waterproof, slightly smaller and lighter than my Players4. Stands slightly more upright so you have to watch it a bit on windy days. Straps are a bit less padded but that was an easy fix for me as i added seatbelt pads i got from the local auto-parts store. 4UP pocket positions are more traditional than the Players4 as you can see by comparing pictures on the website. I really like them both a lot. You cant go wrong with either. Mainly, get your Titleist sticks in a bag worthy of their pedigree. :)
  3. rbfnlysn
    Scotland UK

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    Cool thanks for the feedback
  4. rbfnlysn
    Scotland UK

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    Ended up going for the 4up, the ultralight weight design sold it for me, delighted

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