Players 5 bag leg issues

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By Dr O

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    Is anyone else having problems with the legs on the players 5 bag? Mine do not stay closed when I'm carrying the bag they just hang loose almost in the open position. I love this bag, but the legs are getting in the way when I'm walking. I have had the bag since April and it seems to be getting worse. Any quick fixes you can recommend? Do I just need to send back to Titleist? Help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Dr O. There is a band that is in the middle of the two wires that attach to the legs. Slide that band more up to the top, closer to where the wires connect to the leg. That should increase the tension and fix the problem.
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    I will give that a try, thanks Dale V.
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    Thanks Dale. I’ll give it a try
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    Thanks Dale. I’ll give it a try
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    Hey. That plastic band doesn’t seem to want to move for me. Ideas
  7. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    I had to tap mine with a hammer.
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    You may have to wrap this plastic piece with electrical tape to get it to stay in place if you tighten it too much. I had to on my Players 14. My players 5 is fine. I also had to rig up my 4UP bag with tape. I'm sure it's an issue they will correct before the next line of bags.
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    Yes! Just noticed the droopy legs yesterday. Hope ther is a fix. Had the bag since May

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