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By Scott D

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  1. Scott D
    Rumford, RI

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    Hey I was wondering if anyone has the Mid Staff Bag? I really like the look of it, I’m just concerned that it may be too small. If anyone has one or seen it in person please let me know what you think of it. Thanks.

  2. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    I play with the Midsize Staff Bag and love it. It has more pockets than I have stuff to put in them. Its easy to get clubs in and out. Its extremely well built. And its stylish. Hope this helps.
  3. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    I play the most recent Mid Staff version. I have had it for over a year. It's not small. It is about the size of the Titleist Cart Bags. There is lots of room for stuff. I have had the last two or three iterations of the 14-way cart bag over the last 6 or 7 years prior to having this Mid Staff bag, and they were great bags as well. But this one is my favorite and I don't feel like I have given up storage space. I just had to re-plan where I stored everything because the pocket layouts are somewhat different.
  4. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    The mid staff bag is great. It sits good on my bag boy tri-swivel push cart. Easy to get gear and clubs in and out. Seems pretty durable also.
  5. Zangetsu

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    I’ve seen the midsize staff bag in local shops for a while now. And everytime I pass it I get a jiggly feeling. I want it I need it give it to me now, kind of feeling.

    However seeing as I recently purchased a staff standbag and we just found out baby 2 is on the way I figure the wife wouldn’t agree as much.

    However one question seeing as it looks leathery in the shops is it qualified as a waterproof/resistent bag. If so I might have an angle to persuade my wife I need one . Would love to hear from some owners.

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