Pretty Disappointed in Deluxe Cart Bag

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By JasonL

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  1. I'm a bit disappointed at the quality of the clips on the bag that I purchased a little over a year ago. 2 of the clips have broken on it and I was curious if anyone in TT has had the same issues with any of their bags? The spring broke on the one clip that I use to hold my towel and my TT Bag Tag. And the other clip is one of the big ones that holds the strap.

    I have never traveled with this bag and it's always either in my trunk or in my house and I make an effort to be as gentle with it as possible. Still love TT just a little unhappy with a bag that isn't even 2 seasons old. See pics.

    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Hi, yes I have the same bag and had the same issue with the towel clip - looks exactly like your photo. About 15 months in I noticed the clip was broken. Otherwise great bag - this is my only complaint.

  3. Got word back from Titleist customer service that there is nothing they can do to help replace any of these clips. Really sad to say that I may have to consider something outside of the Titleist brand next time I purchase a bag. Especially if this is a common occurrence and it doesn't seem to get better.
  4. Jeff M

    Jeff M
    North Carolina

    That sucks, I've used png bags for the past few years because of bad experiences with Titleist bag quality in the past. I've had the clips break like you did, and had the padding on the top of the club dividers fray after not much use at all.

    Anyone know who actually manufactures the bags for Titleist? I thought it used to be Sun Mountain but curious if that has changed.
  5. Had that same problem with the strap on my cart bag. Sent a email to customer service and was told to contact my local Titleist dealer to order a new one. After two weeks of them telling me that they were waiting to here back from Titleist about ordering a new strap I just called customer service. Had a new strap in a week. Great Service.
  6. Yea customer service advised that I go to a 3rd party to buy a new strap as they "Didn't have any left."
  7. Zangetsu


    Used to game a TM standbag, however it started to fall apart after a few weeks. Started with the handle, after that zippers and finally the strap clip started comming loose. So kicked it to the trashed. Bought myself a Titleist staff stand bag and haven’t had a single issue with it for more than 9 months of heavy use.

  8. Same happened to me on the towel clip after a couple of months. Like you I do look after my equipment so disappointing that the clip didn’t last long. It never did feel like a strong spring back on the clip in the first place.

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