Staff Stand Bag Size vs Players 5

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By Ken G

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    In the market for a new bag and am leaning heavily towards the Staff Stand Bag. I am in need of information as to the overall size of the Staff Stand Bag as compared to the Players 5. I can put my hands on the Players 5 locally but not the Staff Stand. Any and all help is appreciated.

  2. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    I've had the Staff Stand for a few years now. I didn't like the "straight jacket" harness straps and replaced them with a single strap meant for a full size Staff Bag, but I love it. It's not quite as light as the others but I think it's a little more durable too. The bags only stay as light as not putting 3 dozen balls, clothing and everything else we can find to load up a bag with crap. A few tees, a rain shirt, and a half dozen balls and you're off to the races.
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    Just bought the staff stand bag, very happy with my purchase.
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  4. Zangetsu

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    Looks amazing. Got the same bag however missing the tag. One day..

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