Titleist 4UP Stadry Bag

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By Daniel A

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  1. I recently purchased this bag and have noticed that one of the straps keeps coming out of the plastic connector to help make the golf bag more of a backpack feeling. I have never used a titleist bag that uses this connector, because my previous just had the straps automatically connected an you didn't have the option to make the bag one strap.Any tips on how to prevent the strap from coming out of the connector? I have uploaded the connector below, but it is just a screenshot, not my actual bag.

    Post Image
  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Daniel, if you don't need to convert to single strap very often, just reverse the order in which strap goes through first. that will cause the strap that doesn't have the quick release to hold the other one in place.

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