New Titleist "Linksman" Golf Bags

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By Robert N

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  1. I saw these in the golf shop at Pinehurst last month, are they a special edition? I've never seen them anywhere else. Anyone have pictures of one?

  2. It's not linksman, it's Linkmaster. Anyone have any pictures or know anything about these bags?
  3. Trying to edit the title, they aren't called linksman, the correct name is Linksmaster. Anyone got any info?
  4. BCH


    Hi Robert
    Thanks for joining the site and posting . Do you have any pictures of the bag you saw? Have not seen anything posted here yet but I am sure someone has seen one.
  5. tyler g

    tyler g
    Colorado Springs, CO

    I didn't see anything on the site, but a quick google search yielded a link to this page-

    It's a good looking bag!
  6. Just got this beauty last weekend... I don't think I'll ever own another bag (unless it breaks... which I pray it won't).
    Post Image
  7. Really like that bag.
  8. That bag looks great! Any idea how to order one? Can we call Titleist directly?
  9. It appears to be made by the Vessel bag company. I just saw a couple at the Ocean course.
  10. MLB


    Where did you order it from?
  11. Looks like a nice bag. BTW, the golfers pictured using this bag in Titleist's ad copy are playing a Newport Country Club.
  12. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    Looks amazing!
  13. JAM


    Hey eside84,

    I'm a lightweight carry bag guy, do you know how much the bag weighs?
  14. I just purchased a Gray bag
    Very attractive bad I did notice it was slightly heavier than my previous Titleist carry bag
  15. Found out some more about these bags. Only sold in high end private clubs. I've seen more around. There is a new series coming out this year with new colors. Great looking bags.
  16. Just got mine yesterday. Pro at my club said he just got them in. Really nice for a stand bag. The outer material has a leather-like finish. Tons of great colors/combos, too. I hard a hard time deciding which to go with, so I went with the navy and white.
    Post Image
    Post Image
  17. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    eside84. Nice logo on that bag of yours. Good course!!!
    Nice picture of you on another great course.....You certainly get around!!
  18. Mark J

    Mark J
    Charlotte, NC

    I like the bi-color with the blue and white. I've got an all navy one coming from UT Golf Club if Titleist ever decides to start shipping again.
  19. stuart c

    stuart c
    portland, OR

    I love the look of this bag, got as a gift! Haven’t taken it out yet. I am wondering how much heavier is it than the Carbon? I have been told it is smaller and will feel lighter but actually weighs quite a bit more. Any insights from anyone that has tried both? I walk most of the time and want something as light as possible, coming off of a SM 2.5. Only thing not titleist is the SM, glad to see titleist getting serious about bags again. Love the brand!
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  20. Mark J

    Mark J
    Charlotte, NC

    Linksmaster weights 4.6 pounds according to the club I got mine from.

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