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By CGardner

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  1. Hi guys I’ve just upgraded to AP2 710 and can’t wait to use them for the first time, fingers crossed I’ll see the difference from my old over sized Dc set, just got to learn how to drive without my bad slice that comes with every strike

  2. nate l

    nate l
    lees summit, MO

    Ap2 line is fantastic. Hope you enjoy them!
  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Good for you. Keep at it. If you find the transition to AP2 a little difficult, catch a Titleist Thursday event in 2018 and try out the AP1.
  4. Where’s that held
  5. Thanks for your replies, I’m taking a few down the driving range Sunday to get the feel, I’ve only been back playing for a year after a 14 year gap and last year I had cancer so once I was well enough I started playing again and play every Sunday love the frustration of the game and even bad rounds I still walk off smiling
  6. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    You will see a huge difference in every aspect......feel, accuracy, forgiveness, workability, trajectory. Other than that, you will see no measurable benefits from moving to the AP2’s. (Yes, that was sarcasm). Enjoy your new clubs!
  7. Nick D

    Nick D
    Long Beach

    The 710's were my favorite!!!! Up until the 716, but they are great irons. They are pretty forgiving for a compact head design, I think you will be very happy!
  8. Joseph R

    Joseph R
    Fenton, MI

    Congrats on the new sticks. I got my first set of Ap2's two seasons ago, and love them.

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