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By Bryan K

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  1. I am approaching 40 and starting to lose a few yards off of the tee. What is the are the best exercises for gaining distance. I am currently doing sit-ups and push ups daily.


  2. Len D

    Len D

    Take a driver, grip it up by the head on the shaft, and see how loud you can make the club "sing" as you swing it. This exercise forces you to accelerate through the ball.
  3. Bryan S

    Bryan S
    Wooster, OH

    Check out the TPI website. There are a myriad of excercises for game improvement. Better yet, find a TPI certified fitness pro in your area.
  4. Richard H

    Richard H
    Joplin, MO

    Add squats to the list and don't forget to do some dynamic stretches prior to your practice/playing. Foam rolling never hurts either.
  5. Fred C

    Fred C
    Mansfield, TX

    Richard H said:

    Add squats to the list and don't forget to do some dynamic stretches prior to your practice/playing. Foam rolling never hurts either.

    WEll said. You don't even need to use any weight but squats are THE best excercise for golf and gaining more speed. You can progress from sqauts to then jumping onto a box. A foot high is plenty but jump as high as you can. If you will perform three sets of 10 "jumping squats", rext assured you will be longer and more accurate with less effort
  6. mj

    Coquitlam, BC

    if you sign up to instagram.....Lexi Thompson usually post her excretes routines...
  7. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    As you age, it's gonna happen bud.. Look on the TPI site, there's PLENTY of exercises that will help you or get some lessons with a PGA professional, maybe something needs to be tweaked...

    OR, hate to say it play one tee box up... I'll be there someday and there won't be shame.. Much rather have fun then struggle just to keep up with the big guns... Just the way life goes, IMO..
  8. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    I am turning 43 next week. I know the feeling of getting old and losing swing speed. I think the key is not only strength, but maintaining flexibility as well. So make sure you are also stretching daily. I like to swing a weighted club as well as my orange whip swing trainer everyday.
  9. Rooster

    West Wareham, MA

    Seen a commercial on tv with Jim Furyk. It showed him with his upper back on a exercise ball. He was holding a weighted ball and twisting side to side. Seeing that made sense to me. I hold a weight instead. This has done wonders for me. I call it tightening the spring. I am 55yrs old.
  10. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    I agree with Speedy and David. Maintaining flexibility is essential. Check out the TPI website for some great exercises. I think a good example is Gary Play (82) with his exercise program. He may not play from the back tees but I bet he can move it there.

  11. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Situps and pushups are not the most golf-efficient exercises. I couldn't agree more with the TPI recommendations. I was pushing iron for a couple of years hoping for results with no noticeable improvement. I got much better results with exercises designed for my shortcomings in core strength and range of motion.
  12. Tons of medicine ball exercises online, easy to hard range. I toss an 8 pounder around on Saturdays till I can't toss it no more. Older friend of mine just picked up the Orange Whip, haven't heard any feedback from him, but reviews online seem alright.
  13. Staying flexible is the best, in my opinion. I'm 51, my swing speed has stayed the same as when I was younger. I would say, flexibility and technique are most important
  14. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    I totally agree with Eric S. Stretching helps the flexibility part, consistent technique
    is huge.

  15. mark t

    mark t
    makawao, HI

    Agree with Flexibility. Turning 64 this year. I usually jog minimum 20 minutes a day and 25 push ups when I can. Still able to touch my toes. Can't turn back the clock so the best thing is to limit injuries as much as possible.

    The goal is to enjoy the game to the end, don't have to hit it 300 yards, but be out there playing as much as possible and in the fairways as time permits. Enjoy the sunshine, smell the roses.

    I have some friends in the 70s and all they do is lift a can/bottle of beer and we all laugh and enjoy. Some friends took up yoga. Eat sensible, Drink sensible. Got to pursue a Hole in One.
  16. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    Portland, ME

    My approach seems a bit different than the norm, it seems. As I've gotten older, my distances have reduced, that is, for the most part, inevitable. So, instead of trying to knock it out of the park like I was 20 again, I try to compensate by building on my strengths or experience. Sure, I'm not getting any younger, but years of practice certainly makes one more accurate, and that's how, personally, I compensate. I try to make up the difference by concentrating on accuracy. The newer generation(s) of ba!ls help a lot with distance, so working on accuracy is also building on the strengths of the ball, too, as they're magically accurate today compared to the wound balls I started with.. After all, it's not really how far you can hit it, but how many strokes to nail the cup. Good luck!
  17. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    Stretching is most important. Anything that helps you get your back to the target on your back swing. As I got older, my swing got shorter, and I lost distance. I concentrated on stretching and getting my back turned all the way to the target on by back swing and the distance came back. Fight the tendency to let your swing get shorter.
  18. etakmit

    Rochester, NY

    Flexibility is going to be huge. A bit of weight work won't hurt, but flexibility is going to get you more clubhead speed.

    I second, third, etc the TPI suggestions!
  19. Greg D

    Greg D
    Oklahoma City, OK

  20. BCH


    Anything Core...

    Then stretch for flexibility
  21. I’m 49 and had hip surgery 4 years ago. For the last 18 months I’ve been working out with a TPI Certified trainer and taking yoga classes. Today I am significantly longer and stronger than I was 20 years ago.
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  22. BILL C

    BILL C

    I am 64, played golf in college, and I think flexibility is the key to anything. I don’t really do any exercises except chase my 2 year old grandson around.
    God just blessed my with continued flexibility, and my measured swing speed at my last driver fitting was 108.9.
    Can’t explain it, but very thankful for it. I think it’s all flexibility.
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