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By skip g

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  1. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA

    Want to develop more power, more distance, more solidly struck golf shots, better ball trajectory, along with a squarer club face at impact? Of course you do!

    Well then…here’s an idea…some images…that have helped GolfRite students understand proper weight distribution throughout various points in the golf swing. We spend a TON of time understanding and working on this….

    Imagine this: 1) I weigh 200 lbs (HUGE imagination needed here, please!!!! lol) 2) I am standing on two weight scales, one under each foot. 3) Let’s note the readings at various points during the golf swing.

    At setup: 1) Lead foot: scale reads 110lbs 2) Trail foot: scale reads 90lbs

    Backswing…approx..1/2 way: 1) Lead foot: 30lbs 2) Trail foot: 170lbs

    Top of Backswing: 1) Lead foot…starts to increase from 30lbs (ex…80lbs) 2) Trail foot…starts to diminish from 170lbs (ex…120lbs) (NOTE: weight begins to transfer to the lead foot PRIOR to the completion of the backswing! This is HUGE!)

    Impact: 1) Lead foot: 150lbs 2) Trail foot: 50lbs

    Post-Impact…1/2 way to finish: 1) Lead foot: 170lbs 2) Trail foot: 30lbs

    Completion of swing: 1) Lead foot: 190lbs 2) Trail foot: 10lbs

    Conclusion….understanding and practicing proper weight transfer before and throughout the golf swing will have a tremendous influence on your ability to hit better golf shots. ONLY GOOD THINGS can come from this….promise!

  2. Weight shift and flexibility with target in mind makes birdies!!
  3. David T

    David T
    Hamilton, OH

    At the top of the backswing, Where do you feel your weight? Maybe I'm wrong, but I try to feel it in my right hip. I like that weight transition theory.
  4. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    (NOTE: weight begins to transfer to the lead foot PRIOR to the completion of the backswing! This is HUGE!)

    I never heard this (or read) before! This sounds awesome and I will try this next time out! Thank you!!
  5. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA


    Being a fellow New Englander...you will appreciate this...

    Let's think of a few, familiar scenarios where this occurs in other sports...

    As Tom's arm is going back, he steps forward to start his throwing motion, prior to rotating his body and ultimately, throwing a dart to Jules!

    Chris Sales does the same thing. Before completion of his arm swing going back, he has made a step towards the plate.

    Same in the golf swing, except the lead foot does not move out of place...but weight transfer occurs!

    Keep working on this....again...this is HUGE!
  6. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    This is beyond huge! Tried it out yesterday, while still a work in progress, I was really hitting the ball solid! Temps were in the low 40’s, and the the ProV-1 was flying! Club head speed definitely picked up! Amazing tip! Many thanks! Awesome!
  7. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA


    Lousy day for golf....great day to vote, though!

    Glad the thoughts presented are working for you! Incorporate it, permanently, into your golf swing, and you'll REALLY have a ton of fun!

    GO PATS!
  8. Thanks, this is great advice. Additionally, one of the most overlooked areas in my swing has been grip pressure and tension in the arms, shoulders and upper body when starting the downswing...in short, no arm shoulder, upper body tension leads to more clubhead speed through the hitting area and thus more distance!
  9. skip g

    skip g
    Southborough, MA

    Bingo, Ryan!

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