Completing the Backswing

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By Ben Blalock

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  1. If you've been following these posts, you know by now that I do my best to keep things simple for my students. Sometimes that decision leads to questions... but I think that's a good thing. I like it when you're thinking about what you're doing during practice. That's how we develop!

    To complete the backswing, it's important to understand 2 things:

    - Where's the end of your range of motion? This is as far back as I recommend taking the backswing.

    - How does momentum play a role in determining where and how your backswing ends?

    Please watch the attached video if you're curious about how to find the end of your backswing.

    For more information on my teaching ideas, please track me down online at:

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  2. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    Thanks Ben for another informative video about the golf swing. Thanks for keeping it easy to understand and to put into play.
  3. Great video, Ben! I've been struggling all season trying to correct my backswing. Until going through this drill, I've found I'm hinging my right wrist too soon or as soon as I begin taking the backswing which I think is throwing everything off.
  4. Great tip Ben!! I'll have to work on that on the range. I always think I'm taking my backswing too long and now I know I am.

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