Par 4, 334 yards for my first hole in one

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By WPotter-Seymour

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  1. It felt like it was just yesterday....(mostly because it was just yesterday from when I'm writing this). I was playing in a company wide competition and I was playing with some new people (I say this because it further verifies the hole in one, you'll see). I was the last to tee off and everyone else had a bad drive, so I felt like I could let loose and see if I can't stick one close to the green. No need for a layup then, and truthfully, I'll probably never layup ever again. I thought to myself, "swing like JT, I got nothing to lose." I took a deep breath and SMACK. Right in the sweet spot! I watched as the ball flew straight to the left side of the green, but I lost it as it came down. As the other men completed their approach shots, only my ball was left to find. I grabbed 3 clubs from my bag, ready for any shot that I might have to attempt from any location (little did I know that my next shot was a heavy pour of Fireball). Close to 5 minutes pass and I am getting ready to drop a ball and take a penalty stroke when I hear, "Wyatt! There's a ball in the hole!" I thought to myself, "kind of a weird joke, I literally just met some of these guys." They all stood around the hole wide eyed and then I spotted it. Right in front of my foot was a huge divot, and then my eyes followed it straight up to the hole and just peeking at me was a white ball. My Titleist ProV1 "8" hadn't even fully dropped in the hole, wedged up against the inside of the hole and the pole. I dropped all of my clubs right where I stood. I was absolutely stunned. I didn't know how to react. My hands started to shake and I pulled the ball out. "You have GOT to keep that ball!" they said. And I did. After 5 holes, my lucky 8 ball is retired. I took some pictures and declared "the rest of this round does not matter to me AT ALL." I'll never forget the rest of the night. I bought the bar drinks and was a celebrity in the clubhouse. Strangers gave me hugs and hi-5's. One gentleman told me "you gave me goosebumps dude! I don't think I've ever got goosebumps on a golf course before!" Somehow everyone knew my name before I had the chance to shake anyone's hands. It was an incredible night that I'll never forget. Certainly a once in a lifetime moment. A "hole in 1" moment.

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  2. Congrats!!
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Also, even more rarer than a hole in one. An albatross or double eagle. Congratulations on both accomplishments.
    An albatross is one of the rarest scores in all of golf; only a condor is rarer. Considering the odds of an amateur golfer scoring a hole-in-one, or an ace, is 12,500 to 1, the odds of an amateur scoring an albatross is closer to 6,000,000 to 1. CONGRATs. =)
  4. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

  5. Bryan C.

    Bryan C.
    Dallas, TX

    Congratulations on the accomplishments!!!

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