Par 4 Hole in One!

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By Jamie S

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  1. Playing in my home club (Drumpellier golf club, Coatbridge, Scotland) medal (the ford bowl). I go out in 3 over 39 (playing of 19!) and promptly hit panic stations. The back nine starts wobbly, and comes to a head on the 16th, where I carve my tee shot into the trees and lose my ball on my way to making a triple bogey 7! Not sure if I was more angry about the triple bogey or losing a new pro v1 (the fact I had just got the loyalty over of 4 dozen for the price of 3 helped ease the pain) I stood on the 269 yard par 4 17th full of rage/regret/disappointment. A ferocious swing later and my old model pro v1 (I wasn’t risking losing another new one) soared away towards the driveable green with one of my best strikes of the day. The green itself is not visible fully as it’s up hill and a slight dogleg so I headed greenwards, sharing my emotions with my playing partners, happy to have played well, but feeling id thrown it away. Upon reaching the green, I can’t see my ball, so walk backwards assuming it must have caught a free or a bunker. 30 seconds late big Dave walks past the hole and the rest is a blur. I didn’t believe his shout, or his frantic pointing in the hole. I’m still not sure I believe it now. But yep, there she was, the most lovely looking pro v1 I’ve ever seen, nestled at the bottom of the cup. Que mad celebrations and the biggest buzz of my life. My first hole in one and albatross in the one go. I played 18 on absolute jelly legs and managed a bogey 5 to win the medal by 2 shots. Still smiling two weeks later

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  2. Tremendous! The blur part is absolutely legit!
  3. DK

    Doylestown, PA

    Quite the story. Love the detail. Almost as if I was there in Scotland with ya. Good job. Love the bottle idea! Hopefully I can do the same some day.
  4. EddietheKarp


    Awesome experience all around, Jamie! Congratulations and awesome albatross
  5. Dino S

    Dino S


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