Scott McCormick - 180 yard / 7 iron

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By Scott M

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  1. Hi Team Titleist, I recently accomplished the most coveted achievement in this beautiful sport - a hole in one.

    I was on the 13th hole at Downing Farms in Canton, Michigan. The par 3 was a straight shot with evergreens running down each side of the fairway. I had a little helping wind and decided to pull my 7 iron. Two practice swings later I approach my ball not knowing my golf life was seconds away from something I would remember for the rest of my life.

    I take my swing. With catching it just a bit thin the ball was on the slight left to right fade, but had the distance. Landing at the front of the green at 170 yards the ball began to skip forward and roll. One of those shots you just hope to see the ball disappear, but like so many times before, it does not. This time was different!

    The rolling lasted about eight seconds total, but is one of the lasting memories in my head when I think back to this shot. It was just when I thought about looking away to look at my lack thereof divot, I see the ball drop! My first hole in one!

    Thank you for letting me share my story here. I was using the same ProV1 the whole round up to that point. After the shot I took the ball out of play and proceeded to hit a triple bogey!

  2. Dino S

    Dino S

  3. EddietheKarp


    Great shot, Scott! Incredible moment to experience! Congratulations

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