First Hole in One During League

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By Korey R

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  1. I was playing the Ironwood Golf Club in Howell, MI in my Thursday (6/6/2024) night golf league, the Thursday Thirsty Boys. After a par on the first hole par 5, we stepped on to the box at the 2nd hole par 3 which was playing about 165 yards. There was a pretty decent wind coming from right to left that night. My thought as I addressed the ball was to just try to hit one to the center of the green to setup a birdie putt. I hit a pretty nice shot with a slight draw that was coming straight in at the pin with my Titleist DCI 990 (9-iron) and a Titleist ProV1 ball. The closer it got, the quieter we got on the tee box. The ball landed about 15 feet short of the hole, had one small hop and rolled right to the pin and disappeared. A couple of the guys in my group started to celebrate, but I waited! First, I wanted to make sure the ball wasn't hiding behind the pin. As we drove up to the green, there was no ball to be seen! Walking up to the hole, there she was sitting at the bottom of the cup! At this time the celebration began! The best part was, I got to celebrate my first ever Hole in One with my buddies I have been golfing with for the past decade! Witnesses were Tom Miller, Mike Moran and Paul Beauvias!

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