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By Tyler S

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  1. Tyler S

    Tyler S
    Livonia, Michigan

    Pulled up to the 3rd hole on the Hills course (Fox Hills - Plymouth, MI). Noticed that this was a deep par 3, just under 200 yards (195!). Hitting deep was trouble as the green ran off into trees and the next tee box was just beyond this. Originally had a 5 iron in my hand, but decided last minute to switch to a 6 due to some wind. Drilled it pure and was tracking directly at the pin. Saw the ball hit and disappeared due to the elevation of the green, so figured it went deep into the trees. After the boys drove up, we looked deep, right, and left of the green. Last spot to check was the pin. Walked up there, heart dropped after seeing the infamous Pro v1 wording laying in the cup. Ran to the fellas and all we all lost our minds.

    First ace in my life and had to call my wife and 4 month old at home. Told her that other than our son being born, this was the greatest day of my life. She quickly mentioned, "what about our wedding 2 years ago...??" I replied, "but honey, it's a hole in one!" Of course joking, it was hands down one of the best feelings in the world!

    -- Tyler Szabo Livonia, MI

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