Bubba's back!

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By Joshua B

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  1. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    I am a southpaw, so I always route for Phil and Bubba when they play. Bubba was constanly being micro dissected in the media for focus and not mentally strong or poor attidiude and even his "creative swing". It got to him last year, and along with his drastic weight loss from illness he hit a low. He thought he couldn't compete, and contiplated retirement from the PGA. Then he decided to give it one more shot, keeping consistency on his side. Same caddie, same family encouragement, same faith, but changed one thing. He got rid of a ball that wasn't conducive to his swing and went with a ball he could predict and trust...Titleist! It's amazing how it worked out, congrats to both Titleist and Bubba, you both put out a great effort and deserve it!

  2. Joshua B

    Joshua B

    I like how my spell check made Bubba equal Burma....sorry!
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I constantly use WWPD on course - with the occasional really bad result. Bubba is the best show in town with the shaping. I've now added Brian Harman as another player that hits from the right side of the ball.
  4. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    At 39 and probably a little low on self-confidence, Bubba proved the "horses for courses" adage true once again. He loves Riviera! Great win for Bubba and maybe a Ryder Cupper again???
  5. Luke R

    Luke R
    Hamden, CT

    It was great to see him win! He still has a lot of game and hits it a long way! So glad he went back to the Titlist golf ball. My pick to win the Masters this year!
  6. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    You see what happens when you come back to the promise land and play the number 1 ball???

  7. Bubba did get judged last year. Isn’t that what the media does? In my opinion, last year, it was the ball he was playing. This year, he proved it was the ball. yes, he did start playing the best ball on the planet. Just the sound of the Volvik, didn’t sound right. And I don’t think he could work it, like he can with the Titleist

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