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By Gabe B

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  1. Gabe B

    Gabe B
    Eau Claire, Michigan

    In my opinion the PGA Tour will always have the best players in the world competing, do you see this new tour changing that?

    Looking at those who are heading over to play only a few names are still playing the PGA Tour at a high level.

    If you were invited to play that tour, no cut events, $125,000 for last place do you go play?

  2. tony k

    tony k
    bradenton, FL

    Not in a million years. The PGA Tour has made a wonderful life for everyone of it's players who were blessed with enough talent and drive to get a card. With the economy these days some of these players need to talk to those outside the ropes and realize how very fortunate they have it.
  3. Gabe,

    I guess for some guys who aren't playing well, guaranteed money is a draw. I agree with you, no matter who goes to play on other tours, the PGA Tour will always have the best players. Is this new tour going to come up with their own "majors"? The whole ideas seems a bit odd, and I wonder if there are enough fans to support the new tour, and, how long will the money guys stay in to support it if they can't get the best players? We'll see.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Interestingly enough, the Masters is put on by their membership, the PGA is run by the PGA of America, not the tour, the US Open is run by the USGA, and The Open by the R&A so theoretically a player could play in all four "majors" without a PGA Tour card or approval if they met all the other criteria to play. Don't get me wrong, I am not a proponent of this or any other expansion tour and what it would likely do to dilute both the PGA and DP Tours.
  5. Fred L

    Fred L

    I agree the PGA Tour and comments previous. Nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes. Curious if this will effect sponsorships for players that jump.
  6. Military
    Great point about sponsorships. I've worked with CMO's (Chief Marketing Officers) of consumer product companies, and the arrangements I've seen contemplate number of events played, which events played, historic/anticipated TV rating, personal appearances, among many other variables depending on the sport. I would think the upfront money from LIV makes up for lost sponsorship money. If I was an agent, that's what I would shoot for.
  7. Steve E

    Steve E
    Stockton, CA

    The only reason anyone would want to play for the LIV tour is money...what else is there they have not said if there is going to be any major type tournaments and if they did I say I would rather win 1 PGA major than any amount of majors the LIV tour can offer...should be interesting..
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The players do have a choice and it is entirely up to them. Go for the guarantee every week on the other tour and give up their PGA Tour Cards or stay on the tour. They do need the BIG names to draw the crowds.

    We were discussing this situation this morning and it is very similar to the unions at the docks here in Charleston. Once you are a member of the union, the union pretty much tells you when and where you can and cannot work. They have a stronghold on one of the loading docks here because it is state owned, and the big issue involved state employees working the loading cranes who are not union. That loading dock is tied up on the courts and the freight has been slowed down being unloaded here, because all the ships have to be unloaded across the river.

    Point, if you are going to be a member of the PGA tour, you play by their rules. The big names in golf make more money from their sponsors then they do in their earnings. I believe the sponsors are going to go with the PGA tour, where the fans are. Just an opinion.
  9. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Short term gain, long term pain. Since the PGA Tour was formed in 1968, when it broke away from the PGA of America Tournament Division, it has gone from Jack Nicklaus winning 7 tournaments for $350,000.00 to Max Homa winning 1 tournament last week for over $1,300,000.00, not to mention the fringe bennies they get. This was accomplished with a lot of hard work, over a long period of time. Look at the history of the 4 major sports. Upstart leagues were tried and failed in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB more than once and all failed except the AFL, which merged with the NFL in 1970. All offered more money, and all went bust. Players beware and be warned.
  10. Military
    All great points. When you consider the Tour's season hasn't been cancelled for a lockout, or strike (I realize they aren't employees, so it cannot happen), it's a testament to it's staying power.
  11. Military
    I do not. A big part of my reason is that while deployed to Saudi Arabia in the 90's, I saw things their government dose to their citizens, and it's not pretty, to say the least. It hasn't improved as much as the Saudis would like you to think. In terms of pure golf, my dream would be to compete on the PGA Tour, and play in major championships.
  12. Scott D

    Scott D

    I agree with Steve. It is a money grab. Players whose career is on the wane my want to bump up the bank account. The good players and the up and comers will play the PGA or the DP world tour. Good purses, larger number of tourneys and steady consistent competition that will only make them better.
  13. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    I think its a wild scenario, you can't blame anyone in this world for wanting to better their or their family's future in any walk of life. Ya look back on all the football leagues that have tried to take on the NFL and how that worked out. It seems unlikely that a rival golf tour would be able to outlast the proven product. One thing the PGA tour will have is the history and the legacy. Winning at places like Riveria or Pebble Beach, legend won there before. Never say never, but i dont think it will over take the tour.
  14. Honestly, I think that the tour is great, only reason being there are many qualifying tours, only if you, win or ge selected you can play in the PGA tour so I think, its good, for a while atleast.
  15. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Say it makes it more than 2 years. The offered guarantees are based on your value. The known jumpers are those on the downhill side. There are 48 slots. After averaging in the bottom half, will a lower guarantee be offered or just be turned loose? Doubtful they would continue to earn more than a Champion’s payout.

    Guess we will learn more at the first event who goes to a tee box.

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