Slight toe up position require lie angle adjustment?

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By Patrick B

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  1. Patrick B

    Patrick B
    Richmond, KY

    I have a 2014 Select Newport 2 putter, right handed. It was pointed out to me that I was addressing and striking the ball with the toe up (top edge not perfectly level to the ground). I'm wondering if I need to have the lie angle adjusted. It seems a toe up position if taken to extreme would result in the loft pulling the ball left (for right handed) and oppositely pushing ball right if using an exaggerated heel up position. I see pros using Scotty Cameron putters on TV with a slight toe up address so I'm wondering at what point does the loft of start to direct the ball a little off line? Does it take a crazy extreme amount before the deflection off the line of travel becomes an issue?

    With this specific putter, the Select Newport 2, is the neutral position (with zero right or left deflection) with the top edge perfectly level to the ground? That's what I'm assuming but want to confirm.


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  2. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    I would first ask, how are you hitting them? If you're happy, then ignore the comment from whomever pointed that out.

    If you're unhappy with how you're hitting them, maybe first try moving closer to your ball so your toe isn't up. I'm not a pro, but my experience shows me that I and others I know sometimes stand too far away from the ball when putting and I know that I need a reminder sometimes myself!

    The most recommended putting stance says your eyes should be right over the back of the ball, and I agree with that. If they are, is your toe still up?
  3. Hi Patrick B I agree with everything B.A. said except for the part about your eyes over top of the ball. Certain putters are made for a different address, but you can make any putter work. I don't think you should be too worried about it (unless like B.A. said you are putting badly), I think that short game and putting especially is more feel and less technical so if putts are dropping don't change it, if not try standing closer to the ball.
  4. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    yes as with the toe up your start direction will be to the left of the intended line. You can either get the putter flattened or just push your hands up.
  5. The thing that comes to my mind is that the putter length may be too long. If you are 5'6" and have a 36" putter that would be too long. Are you gripping the putter towards the lower part of the grip or is your grip at the butt end of the grip? If you are playing a 35" putter shaft try a 34" shaft. Perhaps a pic of you addressing a putt? Your putting stance may also have an affect on your putter. Most important are you making putts?

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