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By george t

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  1. george t
    Old Lyme, CT

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    While my putting has often left me fit to be tied, I've never been fitted for a putter, and I wonder how the whole process works. For the many putters I've owned over the years, I see something I like, roll some putts in a demo, and buy it. And then, at some point, I sell it and repeat the process.

    I totally understand it's the Indian and not the arrow, but when during the fitting process, does the fitter analyze your stroke and then recommend a putter type, and then fine tune from there? Over the years, I've gone back and forth between mallet types and Newports, and I think, mallets suit me better. But I'd like to be a bit more scientific the next time around.

    So how does a putter fitting work and does anyone have a recommendation for a fitter in the Connecticut area. Scotty Cameron selections of course!

  2. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    This a very delicate type of fitting since there is a lot of science and art involved. For instance, when you are fitted at Encinita's California at Scotty Cameron Gallery they use high speed video and a very high tech artificial turf to replicate perfect putting conditions so nothing is left to chance. Also, you will receive a sort of putting lesson as well as equipment update for your putter. There is also a weight sensor in the green so along with video the fitter can see how you balance your stance..all very worthwhile and part of the process.

    Now as far as a putter fitting in CT you would need to check around "who" is a higher end fitter for Titleist. I know Ryan Crysler in Florida does a great job but I am not sure in CT....sorry...

    Hope this helps some...! Good Luck!
  3. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    The best thing is to get on a machine and see what models help you be the most consistent with your stroke.

    Check out tour spec they are in NYC and they have a whole putting lab.


    Tell Doug I said hi!
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    As far as leaning towards mallet style putter or blade, a lot has to do with your actual putting stroke, your natural stroke. This is going to be more consistent compared to changing your stroke to accommodate the putter. Straight back and forth or a slight arc. FYI don't get caught up in liking a new putter at the store. All new shoes feel great at the store, they are new and you haven't tried them long enough to see if they suite you. Putters all feel great at the store. New grip putting green may lean towards the hole and fall in. Your best bet is to get fit for the putter and see the results first hand. BTW I was fit for putter and still would like a trip to Scotty Cameron studio for confirmation.

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