Did I make a mistake?!?

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By Liv2Golf

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  1. Liv2Golf
    Manhattan, KS

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    Like most Scotty owners, I have loved mine since my first Fastback 5 years ago. In those five years I have bought and traded for 6 different Scotty putters. I just sold one of three I currently owned to my club pro, who is also a Scotty lover. Ever since then, I have had sellers remorse. It was a Studio Style Newport 2.5. I have never been a fan of the 2.5 neck, but I loved that look. Did I make a mistake, or did I just pass my love of Scotty's on to another?

  2. Bruce S
    Sunnyvale, CA

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    If you didn't use it then there's nothing wrong with passing it on to someone who will. I've had more than 20 at one time including some Holiday putters, Pebble Beach putters , GIP Mil-spec and Tei. I only have one now and over time got over selling the rest.
  3. Dr. Kovatchian

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    I know how you feel.
    Once I purchased a great older Newport and it just didn't feel right.
    I then resold the putter and felt bad doing it....I think letting a Scotty go always feels bad no matter what.

    Dr. K
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Love the one your are with.... =)
  5. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    You can only play with one at a time, so your good.
  6. MB

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    I share the feeling, I'm in the process of moving on from a select Newport 2. Good thing I have my Select Mallet 1 to make me feel better.
  7. Sirhc
    Sacramento, CA

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    Studio Style NP 2.5 is a great putter and the first Scotty I owned; it was a gently used gift. That said, if the 2.5 neck & 'toe flow' didn't fit your stroke, it didn't fit!

    What are you using now?
  8. Liv2Golf
    Manhattan, KS

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    Hey Sirhc, my current gamer is a Newport Oil Can Classic and I love it! I also have a Select Newport 2 (Silver Mist) that I can’t part with. I am a feel putter so I like not having an alignment aid on my putter. I tend to over analyze line and not focus on speed.
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