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By Jose E

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  1. Jose E
    Hanford, CA

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    Always wanted to go to the Scotty Cameron Gallery in Encinitas but have not had the opportunity to go has anyone been there and what was it like for you?

  2. Dr. Kovatchian

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    I love the SC Gallery!
    You can't go wrong visiting...luckily for me it's just down the street from home.
    The Cameron staff is awesome!
    Last week I stopped by just around opening time ant there was about 20-30 people lined up waiting for the doors to be unlocked. Just a normal morning I was told. Simply an amazing place to be able to experience the Scotty Cameron brand.

    Dr. K
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    Its an awesome place to look around if your a Scotty Cameron fan. Most of the stuff for sale is exclusive for the store. However, all putters are $500 plus and head-covers 300-500$
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    I have been there several times, i would make sure you check the times of operation. It is small very amazing. There are items you can buy there that are not sold anywhere else in the world. unless you are looking for it you will almost miss it :)
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    BTW, the wall of custom head covers makes the trip worth it :)
  6. Todd T
    San Diego, CA

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    Putter paradise... Lots of accessories, but you should get a fitting. Joey and Spencer know whats going on.
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    Same here i would love to hear some stories from someone who has been or has done a fitting
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    same here! i would love to hear from someone who has done a fitting there
  9. Todd T
    San Diego, CA

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    The fitting is one on one with Joey or Spencer... The cameras, sensors and turf is the same as the Studio where Pros are fit by Scotty. They use your original putter and give you other models to try. Theres no hard-sell to buy a new putter. They will twerk your putter as needed for no charge, unless its a grip change. Well worth it.
  10. BK
    Williston, VT

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    It is a truly awesome place
    It's crazy how much time you can spend in such a small space. Great people work there, and it's just a great time.
  11. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    The fitting, shopping and experience are worth the trip!

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