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By dmidwinter

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  1. Just purchased my first Scotty second hand. It’s a select Newport 2.0 dual balance 2014 model. It came with a after market super stroke countercore grip. I would like to go back to an original Scotty grip but it says no weight supplied. Can you buy weights or is the weight in the shaft already. If I do need to buy weight how do I work out what weight is needed. The putter has 2 x 10g weights as pictured. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    The extra weight is in the grip so you're good if you just purchase a replacement grip
  3. Terry L

    Terry L
    Belle Chasse, LA

    I have a friend that purchased this same putter. He wanted to change the weights but couldn't get them off. The people @ Edwin Watts couldn't get them out either. He actually bent his wrench trying to get them out. Not sure why they are so hard to remove.
  4. Blake B

    Blake B
    Panama City Beach

    I could be of some assistance here. I have a Notchback DB. The weight is actually in the shaft, and can be removed by torch if you need to cut it down. I bought some used weights off of ebay to match my paint job. I tried everything to get the weights out to no avail. Then, I watched a YouTube video and went through the comments. There is actually a little epoxy used to put the weights in, so if you heat it up just a tad, and run some warm water over them, you should have no issues getting the weights to come loose! Good luck, I hope this helps.
  5. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    You can buy aftermarket weights on ebay. Also take a hair dyer or a heat gun to the bottom before you try to take the weights out as it will break the epoxy thats holding it so you don't break your wrench.

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