Cameron & Crown 2018?

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By Greg C

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  1. I have tried the 34” Newport Select 2 and really liked it, but is a bit too long and am looking for a 33” putter. However, I am a lefty and don’t believe if it was offered in the Cameron & Crown line in the past.

    The questions are:

    Is a new Cameron & Crown line-up coming for 2018, and if so, might it include the Newport Select 2, or even the Newport in LH?

    If not, can a Newport Select 2 LH head be custom fitted with 2 x 20gm weights, the Matador Small grip, and the shaft used in the Cameron and Crown? Would it essentially be a balanced Cameron & Crown 33” putter?

    Lastly, if this can be done, any idea if ordered through my Club Pro Shop in Canada how long it would take?

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers Greg

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Your shop can custom order a stock 33" assuming it is the available LH head with the 20 g weights (standard in 33) and a stock Cameron grip of your size. This shouldn't have to be sent to the Studio for customization so depending on the grip availability, it would be close to the same time as any custom order Titleist club. The Cameron & Crown series is listed as "seasonal" that doesn't imply it is an ongoing option.
  3. greg, i may be selling my 2016 c&c 33" newport 2 lh. it has the small golf pride tour snsr blue grip, i couldn't keep the white grip clean and it's too soft imo. it has one small ding on topline, other than that its very good. they are hard to find in lh. if you're interested let me know. i'm in AB. clay

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