Jackpot Johnny Headcover

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By Stu Currie

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  1. Hi there

    I recently bought the Jackpot Johnny headcover on eBay but have noticed there is no Titelist stitching. Does this mean it’s a fake?

    Many thanks Stu

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  2. Bas


    Hi Stu,

    Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but that’s a fake. Theres supposed to be the Titleist logo under the nose of the head over in white.

    Also, there’s a few issues with certain spots of the headcover and the colour.
  3. Bruce S

    Bruce S
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Wow, that's a bad fake and sorry that you bought it.
    I would suggest joining The Cameron Collector if you want to buy head covers on the secondary market if you can't tell a real one from a fake cover on eBay.
  4. Bruce S

    Bruce S
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Should have also added that on TCC there's a section to ask if a cover or putter is real or fake.
  5. Mark G

    Mark G
    Bloomington, IN

    I would like to have Scotty Cameron putter with mid slant on 5W
  6. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I would use this to caution everyone that ebay has so many fakes of Scotty Cameron Items the list is too long to convey... I am sorry about what must be a disappointment to you.

    The best place to acquire is the Scotty Cameron website or occasionally you can try the cameron collector website where most avid collectors buy, sell or trade. I would not trust ebay or another site since fakes are flooding the market unfortunately.

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