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By Philip K

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  1. I have a Scotty California Fastback with a broken shaft and was wondering what shaft to buy and where I could get one. Thanks

  2. Hi Philip, You have a couple of options. You can set it up yourself to send to the custom shop for a reshaft:

    Or you can take it to your pro shop and have them set up a reshaft through Titleist custom clubs repairs. It might be quicker through repairs as Scotty typically quotes a 21 day turn around and longer on restorations.
  3. Can I not just buy a shaft online and replace it? It’s just a single bend shaft. My only concern is that I know some Scotty’s have special tip sizes.
  4. is there a way to just buy a shaft online or through scotty and replace it myself?
  5. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I would just send it in to SC Custom Shop. The primary reason is that if you ever go to sell it or just want to send it in to the custom shop your reshaft (outside of custom shop) will void authenticity or ability to have future custom shop work done.

    IMHO, Chris

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