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By Jason C

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  1. Just wanting to know from previous club members. Does Scotty send out an email letting you know when your club welcome package is shipped? We've had problems with packages being stolen, and I would love to be able to track that package to insure that someone is home the day it is delivered. Thanks in advance.

  2. Yes they usually always do. But just check your account and order status and it will confirm either way.
  3. SWilliams


    I ordered Jan 4th. I received my email yesterday saying it would be shipping. Both from scotty cameron and Fedex. The scotty cameron email said it would be here tuesday 1/22. But after checking the tracking info Fedex is saying I will receive it tomorrow. Which is amazing. So it appears I got a 2 day shipping upgrade.
  4. Yes, you do get an email. It normally has the tracking number via Fedex also.
  5. I got my email this week confirming my shipment. It is suppose to arrive tomorrow. Earlier today I got a text reminding me that it is coming tomorrow and that a signature is required. I am very glad about that as I don’t relish the thought of a box from Scotty Cameron sitting on my front porch.
  6. Yes, I can confirm that you do get an e-mail which has a Fed Ex tracking number when your gear is shipped out.
  7. My kit arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with the packaging and quality of the items. Can't wait to take the backpack on the next golf trip at the end of February.

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  8. Look at that collection of putters! Awesome... Im new to titleist and haven't pulled the trigger on a Cameron putter yet. Maybe this summer when I save up some coin


    I've always had to sign for all my Scotty Cameron stuff from FedEx, so I'm sure I've gotten emails. I'm sure if you renew or sign up early in the year, it takes longer to ship. I renew late and usually it ships super quick.

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