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By Bart van der Does

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  1. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi TT!

    So last november I was thinking of joining Club Cameron. However at that time it was only 1.5 month left for the 2018 goodies. Begin januari 2019 I register myself for the Club Cameron 2019. It was 99,- dollar and another 30,- dollar to ship the parcel to The Netherlands (Europe).

    But because Scotty Cameron doesn't sent their parcels of Club Cameron 2019 as merchandise/gift I needed to pay another 45 euro for customs / declaration. Which is really ridiculous. So this was a one time and only membership. Of course Scotty Cameron can't do anything about this matter now, but I hope their department can think / look into shipment. Their current deal is with FedEx. If they change their agreements when shipping merchandise & goodies there shouldn't be any price mentioned on the parcel. Because in most European countries merchandise & gifts you don't need to declare.

    So for all the European's here.. when register Club Cameron you can expect great goodies but the customs cost are not worth of register.

    The backpack, headcover and marker clip is nice but not worth weighting up to the shipping & declaration cost.

    Happy swings.


  2. The backpack is really nice. But this year the kit cost me £141 to get it here, the most ever.

  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    While I am sad to hear about the extra costs you can do some work arounds. First, many European's I know have the items sent to a family or friend in the USA then they forward it on to Europe. Second, you need to also consider what the monthly releases are worth to you, for instance the staff bag and headcovers for the Hula release earlier this month (January) were epic. If you tried to purchase these in the secondary market you would pay in most cases a higher premium so the additional cost for the kit may make it worthwhile.

    Just some thoughts.... Good Luck!

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