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  1. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    I collect Titleist ball markers, 7 and counting and noticed Scotty Cameron produce some too.. All the SC markers I find are limited edition designs but used and very expensive.

    Is there any way to find them when they're being sold from new directly from Titleist or Scotty Cameron? The current 2019 peace sign marker is awesome.

  2. Your best chance is to join Scotty Cameron Club ($99.00) yearly get a gift package with purchase. Then you can purchase directly. Many are up for sale on EBAY, etc. but at inflated prices. Straight out of shop usually monthly on Tuesday's? Agree they are expensive even from shop.
  3. Visit Cali on vac and say hi in person at the shop...they have 1 off ones there and are always in stock
  4. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    That's a tall order, Lefty. I agree that club cameron or the online gallery store is best, and that is difficult with timing and money. Good luck, I hope you get to expand your collection.

    There are much less expensive ones, like the junkyard dog and tour rat markers that are rubber coated metal.
  5. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    Thanks for your replies gents - a number of options to look at and hopefully I'll have some luck!

    Thanks again.
  6. There are good Scotty groups both uk and US where u can pick up fine good deals, also chances to win them on s certain pages!

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